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Rhythm Assistant

Coming soon!

Four types of exercises

  • Echo patterns

  • Identify patterns

  • Notate patterns

  • Tap patterns


Meter choices

  • Duple

  • Fast triple

  • Slow triple

  • Triple triple

  • Asymmetric (various)


Specify which rhythm functions are active at a given time: macro/microbeats, divisions, elongations, ties, rests.

View subdivision scheme of current rhythm pattern.

Adjust tempo.

Rhythm syllable system is the beat function system of Edwin E. Gordon

  • Basics: du, du-de-, du-ta-de-ta, du for duple meter; du, du-da-di-, du-ta-da-ta-di-ta, du for triple meter (and more!).

  • Merits

    • Based on audiation--how rhythms sound--rather than notation.​

    • Performable.

    • Accounts for enrhythmic notation; multiple ways to notate a given rhythm pattern.

    • Accommodates assymetric meters coherently.

View demo video:

Some screenshots

Duple pattern in 2/4
RA Screen Shot 1x.png
Same duple pattern notated "enrhythmically" in 2/2
RA Screen Shot 1y.png
Triple pattern in 6/8
RA Screen Shot 2x.png
Same triple pattern notated in 3/4; "waltz time"
RA Screen Shot 2y.png
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