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Tonal Assistant now available!

For Mac and Windows
Three syllable systems to choose from
  • Moveable-do with la-based minor (and re-based Dorian, sol-based Mixolydian, and so on)

  • Moveable-do with do-based minor (“do-based everything”)

  • Fixed-do (C is always do, D is re, etc.)

Exercises in...
  • Four tonalities. Major, Minor, Dorian, and Mixolydian.

  • 12 keys (and 15 key signatures). All of ‘em!

  • 30 vocal and instrument ranges. Transpositions for transposing instruments are facilitated.

Other features
  • Option to display Curwen hand signs as syllables sound.

  • Quiz yourself by notating sounded examples and choosing between notated options.

  • Designate which tonal functions (tonic, dominant, etc.) from among as many as ten are active at a given time in harmonic patterns exercises.

  • Designate maximum interval (steps, skips, leaps) in tonal sequences exercises.

  • Hold on pattern during echo exercises. See and hear the chord associated with a given harmonic pattern.

Download free demo app:



View demo video:

Some screenshots

Identify/Write exercise for harmonic patterns
Tonal Assistant interaction screen for harmonic patterns.
Quiz for tonal sequences
Tonal Assistant interaction screen for tonal sequences.
Edit active tonal functions in harmonic patterns exercises
Edit Major Functions.png
Edit Minor Functions.png
Help window
Screen Shot-Help.png
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