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Tune Assistant

For Windows
The comprehensive tune resource

Tune Assistant is a comprehensive resource for playing, notating, and managing tunes. Musicians, music teachers, and music students of all stripes can use its many features. With Tune Assistant you can:

  • Play MIDI renditions with melody, bass, and/or keyboard accompaniment; select tempo, key, balance, and MIDI instrument assignments; play from any point in the tune; and save a standard MIDI file.

  • Notate tunes in standard notation to reflect the selected vocal or instrumental range; show or hide chord and tonal function symbols; choose transposition.

  • Choose from available keys determined by tune range in relation to currently active vocal or instrumental register.

  • Filter tunes by tonality, meter, range, category, and tonal functions.

  • Hear tonal syllables associated with tune melodies and chords.


Tune Assistant includes over 500 tunes from widely varied geographical, historical, and cultural origins.

Published in 2005 by GIA Publications Tune Assistant's viability has gradually eroded since due to the sad demise of its wonderful development platform Director, making it impossible to update the app to keep up with OS updates. The original Windows version, however, still runs with only relatively minor disabilities. The only significant issue is that on-screen menus show as black, but when clicked they display and function properly. The CD version of Tune Assistant originally sold for $35 ($55 in 2023 dollars), but the Windows version is offered here for a greatly reduced $10.

A registration code is needed for the first launch: JAC424E274UU

View demo video:

Note: The demo video dates back quite a few years to use in music courses at the University of New Mexico. There are references to using Tune Assistant on Mac, but that hasn't been possible on any Mac OS released in at least the last ten years, so it didn't make sense to make the program available for that platform. If, against all likely odds, you are still working on such elderly technology and wish to acquire Tune Assistant then contact me by the form or directly at dalby@thehearandknow and we'll see what we can work out.


Tune Assistant main screen
Tune Asst Main Screen_edited.jpg
Edit Categories screen
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